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ISO-13053  ( ISO13053 )


All of our training courses follow the syllabus guidelines outlined in the ISO 13053 standard published 2011.


The ISO 13053 standard has sections that give guidelines for the Body of Knowledge for Lean Six Sigma.

It breaks down the Body of Knowledge into the following sections:



  • Fundamentals of Six Sigma projects within organizations


  • Voice of the customer 


  • Accountability 


  • Maturity of processes of an organization 


  • Relationship with quality management standard ISO 9001 


  • Six Sigma measures 


  • Purpose 


  • Defects per million opportunities (DPMO) 


  • Sigma score 


  • Rolled throughput yield (RTY) 


  • Cost of poor quality (COPQ) 


  • Six Sigma personnel and their roles 


  • Recommended training


  • Training requirements 


  • Project prioritization 


  • Project selection 


  • Six Sigma project DMAIC methodology 


  • Define phase 


  • Improve phase 


  • Control phase 


  • Six Sigma project methodology — Typical tools employed 


  • Monitoring a Six Sigma project 


  • Gate reviews 


  • Project management 


  • Critical to success factors for Six Sigma projects 


  • Six Sigma infrastructures within an organization