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This course covers the theory and practical application of Design for Six Sigma ( DFSS ) and the DFSS deployment methodology ICOV.

113 Training Slides covering the theory and practical application of Design for Six Sigma.
25 question multiple choice exam covering what you have learned in the DFSS course.

This Design for Six Sigma ( DFSS ) course covers the following key components of DFSS:

1. What is DFSS ?

2. Why is DFSS important ?

3. When to use DFSS

4. The DFSS Methodology


6. Voice of the Customer ( VOC ) and Critical to Satisfaction (CTS )

7. Quality Function Deployment ( QFD )

8. Functional Modeling / Functional Analysis

9. P-Diagram ( Parameter Diagram / Process Diagram )

10. Design Parameters ( DP ) / Factors / Inputs / Xs

11. Functional Requirements ( FR ) / Responses / Ys

12. Signal to Noise Ratio

13. Controllable / uncontrollable parameters

14. Decoupling / Uncoupling

15. Quality Loss Function

16. Transfer Functions

17. Design Score Cards

18. Axiom / Axiomatic Design

19. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ( TRIZ )

20. Design of Experiments / Experimental Design

21. Robust Design / Taguchi Design

Multiple choice exam asking the student to recognize a correct answer among a set of options that include 3 or 4 wrong answers, This exam tests the student in the main concepts of DFSS that were presented in the course material.   

The exam consists of 25 questions with a combined total of 50 marks. The pass mark is 35 out of 50 ( 70%).  Students must email their 25 answers to in order to receive their grade and certificate.

Certificate in Design for Six Sigma authorized by Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd. 
,PDF emailed to you after successful completion.

Upon completing the course and the exam and obtaining a grade of at least 70%  the student will be sent a certificate in Design for Six Sigma that is authorized by the Director of Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd.   This is an Accredited Training Organization with the IASSC and a UK Registered Company number: 09261059.



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